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This Week's Auditions

Maria Oliveria

Maria Oliveira is sunning it up in Rhodes, singing and dancing each night as a performer, in one of the islands luxurious holiday parks, cast with TAG Live.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece and is their historical capital; it is the ninth largest island in the overall Mediterranean Sea.

No trip to Rhodes is complete without at least briefly seeing the walled fortress of medieval Rhodes. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best preserved medieval walled towns in Europe, the crusading knights were based here for a while before the city was captured by the Ottomans. Impressive on the outside, the Palace of the Grand Masters is not worth the entry fee, so head to the Archaeological Museum and then explore the back streets on foot.

If you're into castles, Rhodes has a lot to offer with its medieval history. Lindos, Kastellos and Monolithos all have castles. There are medieval remains at Filerimos Hill including a monastery and a chapel, and good views over the north of the island.

  • Asklipio (inland from Kiotari.) In the little church there are fascinating displays, honoring the continuity of the cult of healing from ancient times to a modern midwife and nurse. In Greek mythology, Asklepios was the son of the god Apollo who created the art of medicine.

  • Cape Prasonisi. The southernmost tip of Rhodes. There is a peninsular connected to the main island by a sand bar. Unless you have a 4x4, think twice before driving your car across the sand bar. It becomes progressively less solid and it is easy to get stuck there in the sand.

  • Epta Piges. (Seven springs) and that is literally all there is to see there except for a short forest walking trail. In the hot summer months, the cool shade provides a pleasant respite from the sun.

  • Kamiros. Ancient ruins.

  • Tsambika Peak.

  • The Valley of the Butterflies. Since the butterflies - which are actually coloured moths - in this area need quiet for their procreation and since the area is visited by many tourists, the population of the Petaloudes "butterflies" is constantly on the decline, even to a degree that it does not make any sense anymore to go there, as you will hardly see any of the moths. It is still a beautiful area regardless.

Some pictures of the beautiful island below:

Auditions this week

TOM SULLIVAN auditioned for Brassic which announced its new season in November 2022.

Tom Sullivan

Vkin Vats

VKIN VATS is auditioning for a Bollywood film - in terms of output, Bollywood eclipses even the US in the amount of films produced each year - it is a powerhouse in the continent of Asia.

And remember that film from last week which we couldn't talk about because it was a secret? Well, another actor auditioned for it this week...after Stephen and Ben did some agenting genius! And guess what? It's still a secret!

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