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Our Recommended Headshot Photographers

Showcase Your Talent

We often get asked about recommendations for headshots. Here are some of our recommendations below, along with a headshot example from our artists, to show you their work.

Stephen Redwood

Livio Salvi

Livio is a talented photographer, and is also super-chilled to work with. Perhaps you've had a bad headshot experience or it's your first time and you're nervous. Whatever it is, he's a good choice for you. Livio is also a trained dancer, so does dance shoots as well.


Livio is based in London, and also shoots in. Italy.

Stephen Redwood (24).jpg

Karolina Heller

Karolina is an exceptionally diligent worker - she takes loads of shots, and is very happy to let you change tops and work with lots of different looks. She's an artistic person too, so she happily offers advice to get the best out of your headshots. She trained in fashion, so if glam is your look, she'll be a good choice.


Karolina is based in London and also shoots in Poland.

Client 8
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