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Who We Are

An Agency for Actors and Creatives

Founded in the middle of 2023, Treehause looks after actors and creatives. What started off as a few small seeds has since turned into a forest of talent.

Our agents carefully choose those we represent, providing opportunities to boost your career through our industry connections and production ability. We collaborate across the world fostering partnerships with the people best placed to help you achieve your career goals.

We represent a diverse range of ethnicities and heritages, LGBT+ and gender non-conforming talent, and people with disabilities across TV, Film, and Theatre, Voiceover & Videogame.

We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion both behind the scenes and in front of them.

We actively seek to make connections with new and upcoming talent, and to develop our roster, planting seeds to grow into carefully nurtured careers.

Need some help?

There's an issue in our industry with gatekeepers...

We know that it can be really difficult to get an agent - and our industry is very good at being down to who you know but what if you don't know anyone? 

This is the place to book a slot with one of our agents to get specific advice. Maybe you want advice on the best places for training, or your headshots, or to chat about showreels.​ Maybe you've got a burning question that you need an answer to, or maybe a casting director has messaged something and you want to understand what it means.

These slots are limited to one per day (we have to look after our clients first!) but offer an open and fair way for everyone to have the power of an agent.


Please note, this is a paid service

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