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Currently Searching For

Roles we are currently searching for are listed below. You can apply using the form at the bottom of the page

Big Ben

London based agent

Treehause are looking for a London based agent who speaks fluent English, to grow our creatives department. Other languages are always an advantage.

Lisbon Tram

Portuguese Speaking Agent

Treehause are looking for a trainee agent who speaks fluent Portuguese and English. A command of Spanish is also an advantage.

Wild Scottish Stag

Scotland based agent

Treehause are looking for a trainee agent based in Scotland. A command of other languages in addition to English, is an advantage.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama

Swedish speaking agent

Treehause are looking for an agent who speaks fluent Swedish and English. Other languages are always an advantage.

Greek Paradise

Greek speaking agent

Treehause are looking for an agent who speaks fluent Greek and English. Other languages are always an advantage.

Working With Us

We're building agency teams across the world to look after our actors as they do what they do best - if Agenting is your passion, and you'd like to join us, send us an email with a little about your experience.


We'd love you to be part of what we're growing.

If you'd like to take part in a paid internship for eight weeks, please email reception with INTERNSHIP in the subject and if we have a vacancy coming up, we will get in touch.

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Thanks for submitting!

What it is like, working with us

Treehause is a decentralised agency, which means our agents work wherever they live. There is no head office, or main location. There is just your agent - who works with you to build your career.  And our agents together, work as a team for all our clients.

We're a technologically forward-thinking company with various exciting technological innovations as part of our DNA, and we're connected at a company level to production, which means we're actively working inside the industry. 

We also believe in flexible working, because your life happens. So long as you look after your clients, we don't mind where you are, or whether you need to flex around picking up your children, or caring responsibilities or anything like that. 

We ask each other for advice and help, and we're fair in dividing up work and reward. All our offices are independent within the company, which means a lot of responsibility for each individual agent, but also a lot of flexibility to do things your way. Because your way, and our way, won't always be the same, and that uniqueness is what makes you an important part of the company.

We don't do hierarchy. Everyone is equal here - and from this comes a very unique way of training and setting up new agents and offices. And we work together to help our actors wherever in the world they might be working.

You're free to specialise as you like. If Musical Theatre is your passion, or Creatives, maybe Below the Line, Voiceover or Commercials? What ever brings you the excitement to get up in the morning, you can do it here.

We also have an internship scheme if you want to see if agenting is for you.

If you want to be part of a pan-European network of talent managers, whose clients work worldwide, then this is the place for you.

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