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This Week's Auditions

Updated: Oct 15, 2023


So...Ben says that maybe I shouldn't be telling everyone via the internet exactly what our clients are auditioning for, and he's probably right, so here's this weeks auditions in a completely confidential way, which gives absolutely no useful information to anyone :P
Stephen :)

Vkin Vats was auditioning for a supporting lead in a feature film and Sok-ho Trinh was auditioning for regular role on a well-known Netflix TV series, aaaand Maria Oliveira was speedily auditioning for a Christmas show all while she was working in Greece (see last week's post for pictures of the gorgeous island that she is currently living on!)

Donnagh Mayock did an audition for a feature film for Rob Kelly casting, shooting in Dublin, all while touring as Laertes as we mentioned in a previous blog post - legend for cracking that one out mid-tour. Joshua Emmanuel got two auditions this week, including one for a film!

Viliyan Donchev got two feature film auditions, including one with famed casting director, Rita Lenskikh & rounded out the week with a commercial playing a fisherman.

Hetty Bentley, Ana Sofia Caldas and Hetty Bentley got auditions for different parts in the same show!

Aaand Celeste North Finocchi is currently auditioning for a slightly unusual theatre tour.

Availability Checks

Availability checks last week for Vkin Vats and Ana Vallandro, for a Feature Film, and a TV series respectively.

How's that for a completely confidential line-up!

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