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  • Janice Okoro

"Exploring the Complexity of Iago: Vkin Vats' Portrayal in Othello"

Vkin Vats is about to start rehearsals in India for Othello.

He's playing Iago in Othello, a meaty role that's full of twists and turns.

Vkin delved into the character of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello with immense dedication during the rehearsal process, immersing himself in the complex psyche of the manipulative and vengeful character. He spent countless hours analyzing Iago's motives, relationships, and choices, incorporating different nuances and layers to bring a sense of depth and authenticity to his portrayal.

He meticulously explored the text, experimenting with various interpretations and character choices to truly embody the essence of Iago on stage, ensuring that he delivered a compelling and impactful performance.

"Othello" is a tragedy by William Shakespeare that revolves around the character of Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army. The story follows Othello's marriage to Desdemona, a noblewoman, and the manipulation and deceit of Othello by his ensign Iago, who plants seeds of jealousy in Othello's mind. Ultimately, this jealousy leads Othello to kill Desdemona and then himself in a fit of rage and despair. The play explores themes of love, jealousy, race, and betrayal.

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