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New Actors join Treehause

Stephen has been busy building a list to rival mine, and a plethora of new actors have joined us here at Treehause. With expertise in Musical theatre, stage, film and TV, for actors and creatives, he's a wonderful bundle of joy to have here with us. Having experience in a wide variety of agencies, from small one-person agencies to big groups - he brings a keen eye to detail, some excellent social media designs (like you can see here) and a warm smile to Treehause - and he's a talented artist too, writing, composing, singing, acting, and repped by me! How he finds the time to do everything he does, I'll never know!

More about his actors, below. Cheers, Ben


Celeste North Finocchi - a British-Italian actor, living in Sweden.

Hetty Bentley - A Worcestershire actor based in London.

Ryan Williams - A Scottish actor also living in London.

Tom Sullivan - A Mancunian who hails from Manchester

Vkin Vats - A graduate from Drama Studio, who lives in London.

Ana Sofia Caldas - a Portuguese actor, also living in London.

Joshua Emmanuel - A Londoner and new graduate from Court Theatre Training Company.

Harrison Skinner - A Scottish actor who's based in Aberdeen

Maria Oliveira - A musical theatre graduate from Portugal.

Donnagh Mayock - an Irish actor, who lives in Dublin.

Ana Vallandro - A Brazilian actor based in London.

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